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A complete recruitment and staffing partner

TEMP-TEAM is a recruitment and staffing agency with over 40 years in the industry. We help both large and small companies find the right candidates in most industries and job categories.

A complete recruitment and staffing partner
A complete recruitment and staffing partner
A complete recruitment and staffing partner

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Office and Administration

Administrative Directors, Client Relations Managers, Facility Managers, HR Managers, Program Administrators etc.

Accounting, Payroll, Finance

Accounting Managers, Budget Analysts, Forensic Accounting, Tax Accountants, Bookkeepers etc.

Sales & Support

Sales Operations Analysts, Customer Service, Sales associates, Personal Assistants, Secretaries etc.


Advertising Managers, Social Media Managers, Marketing Analyst, Email Marketing Managers etc.

Storage and Logistics

Buyers, Purchasers, MA managers, Logistics Managers, Logistics workers, Forwarding workers, Warehouse workers, Terminal workers, etc.

Production and Industry

Industrial mechanics, CNC operators, pressure testers, plate workers, insulators, riggers, drill deck workers, crane operators, etc


Industrial Engineers, Software Engineers, Engineering Technicians, Electrical Engineers etc.


Software Developers, Network Engineers, Computer Scientists, Tech Support, IT Consultants etc.

Building and Construction

Engineers, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, excavator drivers, construction machine mechanics, drivers, etc.


Car mechanics, car restoration, painters, tire fitters, car electricians, bus and truck mechanics, customer receptionists, etc.


Shop Managers, Purchasers, Retailers, Decorators etc.


Receptionists, Hotel Staff, Wait staff, Canteen staff etc.

Banking, finance and insurance

Case managers, advisors, credit officers, AML, finance managers, team leaders, credit underwriters, credit consultants

Rekruttering til og fra utlandet

Vi bistår med dyktige medarbeidere til og fra utlandet. Med våre velprøvde kanaler finner vi kandidater med rett kompetanse og utdanningsbakgrunn. Mange av våre kunder driver virksomhet også i utlandet og trenger dyktige medarbeidere både i Norge og i øvrige land. Ofte er vi med helt fra starten og bistår med kvalifiserte kandidater samt generell rekrutteringsbistand. Vi er representert i Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Finland og England.

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